Arduino Project Handbook, Vol. 2

Arduino Project Handbook Vol. 2
25 More Practical Projects to Get You Started
Mark Geddes
August 2017, 272 pp.
Full Color
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This second volume of Arduino Project Handbook follows up the acclaimed first volume with 25 new and fresh projects. Each project provides step-by-step instructions, full-color photos and circuit diagrams, and the complete code to bring your build to life.

With the low-cost Arduino board and a handful of components, you’ll use LEDs to build a light matrix display for scrolling text, sensors to make an ultrasonic Super Soaker that detects and drenches intruders, buzzers and buttons for a digital piano, a fingerprint scanner to ramp up security in your home, LCD screens to build a code-breaking bomb-diffuser game, and so much more. The handbook finishes with more advanced builds to test your skills, like an Arduino nerve center for controlling your gadgets remotely.

Arduino Project Handbook, Volume II, provides a crash course to get you set up with the Arduino and to introduce electronics parts and tools, as well as a troubleshooting chapter for solving your hardware problems. This is a perfect guide for kids, parents, educators, and hobbyists getting started with Arduino or just levelling up their hardware skills.

Uses the Arduino Uno board

Praise for the first volume of Arduino Project Handbook:

“Easily the best beginner’s guide out there. Pair with an inexpensive clone-based starter kit, and it’s never been cheaper to join the maker revolution.”

“Beautifully designed.”
Boing Boing

Author Bio 

Mark Geddes is a lifelong tinkerer and gadget enthusiast from Dumfries, Scotland. Frustrated with the lack of practical, visual guides to help him teach his ten-year-old how to build with Arduino, he set about recording his own experiments, and Arduino Project Handbook is the result. Geddes has a bachelor's degree from Edinburgh College of Art.