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Conferences and Events

OSCON 2016
OSCON | Austin, TX | May 16 – 19, 2016

Since 1999, OSCON has brought together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are doing amazing things with open source. It's the place to share new techniques and approaches, proven best practices, and exceptional technical skills. At OSCON 2016, you can go from consumer to contributor of your favorite open source projects and find out how open source can be a strategic advantage for business.


PyCon | Portland, OR | May 30 – June 1, 2016

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. It is produced and underwritten by the Python Software Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting Python. Through PyCon, the PSF advances its mission of growing the international community of Python programmers.

ATC '15
USENIX ATC '16 | Denver, CO | June 22 – June 24, 2016

The 2016 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC '16) brings together leading systems researchers for cutting-edge systems research and provides unlimited opportunities to gain insight into a variety of must-know topics, including virtualization, system and network management and troubleshooting, cloud computing, security, privacy, and trust, mobile and wireless, and more.

USENIX Security '16
USENIX Security Symposium | Austin, TX | August 10 – 12, 2016

The USENIX Security Symposium brings together researchers, practitioners, system administrators, system programmers, and others interested in the latest advances in the security and privacy of computer systems and networks. The 25th USENIX Security Symposium will be held August 10–12, 2016, in Austin, TX.


Hak4Kidz at CircleCityCon | Indianapolis, IN | June 10 – 12, 2016

Hak4Kidz at TechNexus | Chicago, IL | June 25, 2016

Hak4Kidz at BSides Detroit | Detroit, MI | July 16, 2016

Hak4Kidz at GrrCon | Grand Rapids, MI | October 6 – 7, 2016

Hak4Kidz is an event by ethical hackers and Information Security professionals dedicated to bring the educational and communal benefits of hacking conferences to children and young adults. We plan to accomplish this mission by putting our collective expertise and passion on display for the attendees to interact with us at their will. Hands-on educational technical labs, workshops and speaking tracks creates a technological playground for the attendees and parents. For innovation to perpetuate, it’s imperative that today’s young technology users are exposed to the bigger picture of how we got here in order to help realize their potential.


LISA 16 | Boston, MA | December 4 – 9, 2016

USENIX’s Large Installation System Administration (LISA) conference—now in its 30th year—is the premier conference for IT operations, where systems engineers, operations professionals, and academic researchers share real-world knowledge about designing, building, and maintaining the critical systems of our interconnected world.