About No Starch Press Ebooks

About No Starch Press Ebooks

What Is an Ebook Bundle?

Our most recent books are now available as an ebook bundle, instead of simply a PDF. The ebook bundle is the book you purchased in three popular formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. Just uncompress the ZIP file you download, and you'll have access to all three files.

How Do I Receive My PDF or Ebook Bundle?

When you purchase a PDF or ebook bundle, a download link should automatically appear in the Files section of your account, and you should receive an email notification. Just log in, and you should be able to access your No Starch library from any computer in the world! If you have problems downloading your ebook, please call us at (800) 420-7240 (Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm PST) or email [email protected]

Are All Books Available in Ebook Format?

Unfortunately, not all books are available in ebook format. This is usually for one of two reasons:


The book is graphics-heavy, resulting in a very large PDF and a very unwieldy reflowable EPUB or MOBI document.
2. The book's author has chosen not to sell it electronically.

We're hard at work resolving the first issue, and hope to have more of our graphics-heavy books available in ebook format soon. If there's a particular book you would like to see in ebook format, please let us know!

What's an EPUB or MOBI file, and Why Should I Care?

These formats work well with mobile ebook readers like the Kindle, iPhone, and Sony's Reader. You can also view EPUB and MOBI ebooks using desktop software.

How Do I Get My Ebooks on My Mobile Device?

All ebooks we sell are DRM-free. Load them onto the device of your choice and start reading. For advice on how to load your files onto your device, read our partner O'Reilly Media's helpful instructions linked below, or see your device manufacturer's instructions:

  • iPad and iPhone users can load EPUBs and PDFs into iTunes and read them with iBooks
  • iPhone users can also read EPUBs in the Stanza App
  • Kindle users can use the MOBI file
  • Sony Reader users should be able to load EPUBs or PDFs onto their device directly

Note: No Starch Press cannot provide technical support for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or any third party hardware or software.

Can I Print My Ebook?

Of course. Your PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files are unrestricted and DRM-free. We trust our readers and we believe that ebooks should have the same rights as printed books.

My Ebook Isn't Rendering Properly!

Unfortunately, as much as we try, we are unable to test every book with every device.

If all else fails, you should find that the PDF version of your book renders cleanly. All ebook bundles include PDFs. That said, if you encounter rendering errors please email us at [email protected] with any specific feedback and we'll do our best to fix the issue.
Thank you!