Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition

Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition shows you how to write elegant, effective JavaScript code.

Ruby Wizardry

Ruby Wizardry is a modern-day fairy tale that teaches programming skills kids can use.

Lauren Ipsum

Lauren Ipsum is a whimsical illustrated journey filled with fun characters that bring logic and computer science puzzles to life.

JavaScript for Kids

JavaScript for Kids is a lighthearted introduction to the JavaScript language and programming in general.

Black Hat Python

Black Hat Python explores the darker side of Python, helping you test your systems and improve your security posture.

Bitcoin for the Befuddled

With clear explanations and comics, Bitcoin for the Befuddled covers everything you need to know about the Internet currency.

How Linux Works, 2nd Edition

How Linux Works, 2nd Edition: for those who want to understand the inner workings of the best operating system.

Steampunk LEGO

Filled with dirigibles and floating cities, penny-farthings and pirate ships, Steampunk LEGO is a collection of Victorian-era sci-fi treasures, all in LEGO.

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark

Acclaimed artist Mike Doyle is back with more amazing LEGO art in Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, a new collection of awe-inspiring LEGO masterpieces.

Book of CSS3, 2nd Edition

The Book of CSS3, 2nd Edition distills the murky language of the CSS3 specification into plain English.


The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Idea Book contains hundreds of ideas for building unique robotic and mechanical creations.

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Data Visualization with JavaScript

Data Visualization with JavaScript shows developers how to create impressive data visualizations for the web, including animated charts and interactive maps.

Build an HTML5 Game

Build an HTML5 Game teaches web developers to create a game with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
Now available in
Early Access

Python Playground

Python Playground is a collection of fun programming projects that will level up your Python skills.

Book of GNS3

The Book of GNS3 teaches you to use GNS3 to simulate network connections and troubleshoot potential problems, all using a single computer.

Doing Math with Python

Doing Math with Python teaches you how to use Python as a tool to explore mathematics. Now available in
Early Access

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python teaches you programming skills to automate everyday computer tasks. Now available in
Early Access

Manga Guide to Physiology

The Manga Guide to Physiology provides a fun introduction to physiology in comic form.

Junkyard Jam Band

Junkyard Jam Band is a collection of DIY musical instruments made from everyday materials, for any lover of music making or crafts.

Python Crash Course

Python Crash Course is a quick, no-nonsense guide to programming in Python.
Now Available in
Early Access

iOS Application Security

iOS Application Security covers everything you need to know to design secure iOS apps from the ground up.
Now available in
Early Access

Java for Kids

Java for Kids teaches the basics of programming in Java for kids and other beginners.

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