Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide

Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide

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Studfull BuildingForm vs. Function
Paweł “Sariel” Kmieć
November 2012, 352 pp.

The LEGO® Technic system opens a new realm of building possibilities. Using motors, gears, pneumatics, pulleys, linkages, and more, you can design LEGO models that really move.

The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide is filled with building tips for creating strong yet elegant machines and mechanisms with the Technic system. Author Paweł “Sariel” Kmiec will teach you the foundations of LEGO Technic building, from simple machines to advanced mechanics, even explaining how to create realistic to-scale models. Sariel, a world-renowned LEGO Technic expert, offers unique insight into mechanical principles like torque, power translation, and gear ratios, all using Technic bricks. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create sturdy connections that can withstand serious stress
  • Re-create specialized LEGO pieces like casings and u-joints, and build solutions like Schmidt and Oldham couplings, when no standard piece will do
  • Build custom differentials, suspensions, transmissions, and steering systems
  • Pick the right motor for the job—and transform its properties to suit your needs
  • Combine studfull and studless building styles for a stunning look
  • Create remote-controlled vehicles, lighting systems, motorized compressors, and pneumatic engines

This beautifully illustrated, full-color book will inspire you with ideas for building amazing machines like tanks with suspended treads, supercars, cranes, bulldozers, and much more. Your Technic adventure starts now!

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Author Bio 

Paweł "Sariel" Kmieć is a LEGO Technic enthusiast based in Warsaw, Poland. A prolific blogger and model builder, Sariel’s LEGO creations have been featured in many magazines, the world’s most popular LEGO blogs, and even prompted the LEGO company to use his help in developing some of its products. Sariel is a guest blogger for the official LEGO Technic website and is a 2012 LEGO Ambassador for Poland. He is YouTube’s most viewed LEGO Technic builder. Check out his models and more at

Table of contents 

Part 1: Basics
Chapter 1: Basic Concepts
Chapter 2: Units
Chapter 3: Studless or Studfull?
Chapter 4: Joiners and Fasteners

Part 2: Mechanics
Chapter 5: Gears
Chapter 6: Pulleys
Chapter 7: Levers and Linkages
Chapter 8: Custom Mechanical Solutions
Chapter 9: Pneumatics
Chapter 10: Pneumatic Devices
Chapter 11: Reinforcing Builds

Part 3: Motors
Chapter 12: Motors
Chapter 13: Power Functions System

Part 4: Advanced Mechanics
Chapter 14: Wheeled Suspensions
Chapter 15: Tracked Suspensions
Chapter 16: Gearboxes
Chapter 17: Adders & Subtractors

Part 5: Models
Chapter 18: The Matter of Choice
Chapter 19: Scaling
Chapter 20: Modeling Process

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"Even if you're an accomplished builder, some of the techniques that Sariel shares are sure to expand your repertoire as a builder."
Kris Bordessa,'s Geekmom (Read More)

"I actually learned some real-life mechanical concepts just from reading the chapters on transmissions! This is one of those books that just amazes me—complex ideas made easier to follow with what are basically toy pieces of plastic."
James Floyd Kelly,'s GeekDad (Read More)

"Provides an amazing amount of information on power building techniques, all in really beautiful color."
John Baichtal,'s GeekDad (Read More)

"A very well organized and clear guide to getting the most out of your hobby. Start at the beginning, work towards the end, and you'll be an expert modeler and maker of things Lego Technic."
Greg Laden, National Geographic's "ScienceBlogs" (Read More)

"Seeing concepts like mechanical advantage not just discussed or demonstrated on paper but being able to build a tangible example helps cement the concept and its usage into the mind. If only I had read this book and played around with these LEGO pieces back in high school!"
Michael Chu, Cooking for Engineers (Read More)

"Provides you with a sound basis, as well as a useful reference for getting to know your elements, learning how to combine them in sturdy, useful mechanisms and combine them into your very own Technic creations."
TechnicBRICKs blog (Read More)

"This book is a gem, I'm a bit of a Technic modeller and this book goes into some great practical details about what works best, including solutions to problems that you will inevitably come across at some stage in your Technic building."
Ryan McNaught, LEGO Certified Professional

"I would recommend this book for any adult builder who is interested in becoming more familiar with Technic and using Technic in their own creations. The book is well laid out and the information is presented clearly. It is definitely an asset that deserves a place on the shelf."
Josh Wedin, The Brothers Brick (Read More)

Featured on The NXT STEP Blog (Read More)

"Well written and seems very comprehensive . . . the book is full of worked examples of the different concepts and systems, not to mention a liberal sprinkling of pictures some of his superb Technic MOCs which bring the theory to life and show what's possible once you have a decent grasp of the Technic building system."
Dave Watford, Gimme LEGO (Read More)

"No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran builder, you will find inspiration within this book; there truly is something for everyone."
Xander Soldaat, Bot Bench (Read More)

"This is great for those who love Technic and want to take their creations to the next level."
Richard Hayes, Brick Fanatics (Read More)

"Probably the best Technic book for any builder, independent of their level. A must-have for your collection."
Carlos Mendez, HispaBrick Magazine (Read More)

"I highly recommend this valuable reference to anybody (whether a beginner or advanced builder) wanting to enhance their LEGO Technic understanding. It should be the primary reference in every LEGO Technic fan's library!"
David Luders, Eurobricks (Read More)

"The information is presented in a logical flow that makes it easy to understand. . . . I cannot recommend it enough."
The Utah Lego Users Group (Read More)

Reviewed (in French) by Nicolas "Nico71" Lespour on SeTechnic (Read More)

"This book is going to be a reference I'll use during every building session."
Mark Crosbie, Think Bricks (Read More)

"This is an instruction book that gets it; this is a guy who knows how to teach. The book itself is very well put together. The content is well organized, and each chapter builds upon the previous in meaningful ways."
Dave Indish, Bricks of the Dead (Read More)

"I would highly, highly, highly recommend this book (highly even) for anyone above the very introductory level builder."
MicroBricks (Read More)

"Loaded with awesome ideas. I highly recommend The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide, because it is definitely a valuable source information for the Technic builder, the LEGO model builder who wants to incorporate Technic elements and the Mindstorms® robotics builder."
V. Greene, The Robotics Realm (Read More)

"If you're a LEGO Technic fan, and builder, this book is a must have."
Dan Phelps, A LEGO A Day (Read More)

Extra Stuff 

Check out a video from the author!


Page 65:

The sentence "The mechanical advantage of the power pulley system is equal to 2n" should read "The mechanical advantage of the power pulley system is equal to 2 to the power of n (2n)."

Page 117:

The gear ratios in Figure 10-7 are listed in opposite order: they should start with 1:2 at the top and end with 2:1 at the bottom.