Coding iPhone Apps for Kids

A Playful Introduction to Swift
by Gloria Winquist and Matt McCarthy

April 2017, 320 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-59327-756-7
Full Color
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  • Download Chapter 3: Making Choices

    Swift is Apple’s popular iOS programming language designed to be beginner-friendly and accessible. Coding iPhone Apps for Kids teaches the fundamentals of programming with Swift and Xcode, the official—and free!—iOS development environment.

    Coding iPhone Apps for Kids teaches programming basics in Xcode’s interactive playground, which shows you the results of your code immediately. Then you’ll put your new programming skills to use and make fully-functioning apps. You’ll learn how to:

    • Create an app that reminds you to wish your friends a happy birthday
    • Write a function to automatically write customized party invitations!
    • Program a number guessing game with while loops
    • Make a side­scrolling skateboard action game with SpriteKit

    Hone your programming skills with hands-on examples and gentle step-by-step instructions. Don’t just dream up the apps and iOS games you want to see in the world—program them!

    Covers Swift 3 and Xcode 8. Requires OSX10.10 or higher.

  • About the Author

    Gloria Winquist became hooked on iOS development in 2011 and has been programming professionally ever since. She works as an iOS developer at Lumira.

    Matt McCarthy has been making apps since the launch of the iOS app store and has released over 20 apps as part of a two-person team, Tomato Interactive LLC. He works as a software engineer at Lumira.

    Table of Contents

    PART 1: Xcode and Swift
    Chapter 1: Hello, World!
    Chapter 2: Learning to Code in a Playground (AVAILABLE NOW)
    Chapter 3: Making Choices (AVAILABLE NOW)
    Chapter 4: Loops (AVAILABLE NOW)
    Chapter 5: Keep Your Programs Safe with Optionals (AVAILABLE NOW)
    Chapter 6: Store Collections in Dictionaries and Arrays (AVAILABLE NOW)
    Chapter 7: Functions Are a Party, and You're Invited
    Chapter 8: Custom Classes and Structs

    PART 2: Birthday Tracker
    Chapter 9: Creating Buttons and Screens on the Storyboard
    Chapter 10: Adding a Birthday Class and Handling User Input
    Chapter 11: Displaying Birthdays
    Chapter 12: Saving Birthdays
    Chapter 13: Getting Birthday Notifications

    PART 3: Schoolhouse Skateboarder
    Chapter 14: Setting the Stage
    Chapter 15: Making Schoolhouse Skateboarder a Real Game
    Chapter 16: Using the SpriteKit Physics Engine
    Chapter 17: Adjusting the Difficulty: Collect Gems and Keep Score!
    Chapter 18: Game State, Menus, Sound, and Special Effects