Facebook for Seniors

Facebook for Seniors
Connect with Friends and Family in 12 Easy Lessons
Carrie, Chris, and Cheryl Ewin
December 2016, 332 pp.
Full Color

Featured on The Wall Street Journal!

“Satisfying, motivating, fun, effective, inviting, and quite thorough, this book provides a great get-going start for anyone who isn't yet and wants to be comfortable using Facebook.”

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    Facebook is the world’s largest internet community. It’s used by millions of people like you to connect with family and friends, share photos, and stay in touch. But if you’re new to Facebook, getting started can be a little tricky.

    Based on award-winning computer classes for seniors, the 12 lessons in Facebook for Seniors will show you how to do things like:

    • Sign up for Facebook and connect with family members and old friends
    • Instantly share photos and messages
    • Keep up-to-date with friends and loved ones
    • Chat about cars, gardening, travel, or anything else that interests you
    • Play games, and RSVP to parties and other events
    • Keep your account safe and secure

    Step-by-step instructions and full-color images make it easy to follow along. Activities throughout help you practice what you’ve learned, and if you get stuck, just flip to the solutions at the back of the book!

    Why let the kids have all the fun? Join the party.

  • Author Bio 

    Carrie, Chris, and Cheryl Ewin design and teach award-winning computer classes for seniors. Carrie holds degrees in education and psychology, Chris is a PhD student who also runs a computer business, and Cheryl is an experienced teacher.

    Table of contents 

    Lesson 1: Joining Facebook
    Lesson 2: Meeting Facebook
    Lesson 3: Your Profile
    Lesson 4: Facebook Friends
    Lesson 5: Creating Text Posts
    Lesson 6: Posting Photos and Videos
    Lesson 7: Posting with Friends
    Lesson 8: Playing Games
    Lesson 9: Groups
    Lesson 10: Messenger and Chat
    Lesson 11: Events
    Lesson 12: Privacy and Security

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    “Its large-type font, leading and layout, chockablock with color illustrations for nearly every instruction, will make it a joy for seniors.”

    “No Starch Press has created the perfect book for those seeking understanding with its illustrated step-by-step guide to learning the ins and outs of Facebook.”
    Chicago Woman Magazine

    Check out an interview with the authors on TechTalk Radio!

    “Thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, Facebook for Seniors is unreservedly recommended for seniors (or anyone else at any age!) seeking to learn how to use Facebook. An effective and practical instruction manual, Facebook for Seniors will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to senior citizen center and community library collections.”
    Midwest Book Review

    “Bottom line: for beginning users, those with some familiarity with how Facebook works, and others who are ready to learn about new capabilities, Facebook For Seniors is a good addition to your home library.”
    A Satisfying Retirement

    Facebook for Seniors is a quick, colorful Cliff’s Notes for the social media newcomer who hasn’t yet experienced the benefit of connecting with grandchildren or old high school buddies or fellow knitters or travelers.”
    Seasons of Grace

    “We genealogy folks love sharing what we’ve learned with other family members, other researchers, and friends. Having this book will make it really easy to share without compromising your privacy or security.”