We'll be at DEF CON 24! Stop by our tables in the vendor area to see our latest releases, check out samples of forthcoming books, and get your books signed by great authors!

Book signings at the No Starch booth:

Friday, August 5

1:00 pm, Craig Smith, The Car Hacker’s Handbook

3:00 pm, Georgia Weidman, Penetration Testing

4:00 pm, Michael Schrenk, Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers, 2nd Edition

Saturday, August 6

1:00 pm, Nick Cano, Game Hacking

2:00 pm, Jon Erickson, Hacking, 2nd Edition

3:00 pm, Violet Blue, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy

HACKER HANGOUT Events Calendar. This schedule is subject to change--please check back for additions!


Do you have something cool to share with the DEF CON community? We can help. Read this note from No Starch Press founder, Bill Pollock, to find out more.

We're very fortunate this year to have been offered one of the Defcon Penthouse Suites.

During the day and possibly into the evening, I hope to make our suite a community / literary / hacker hangout away from the craziness downstairs. I'm still working through the details in my mind but here's what I'm thinking:

* BOOK AUTHORS. Whether you've written for us or another publisher. You're welcome to get a time slot. You can even sell your book *but* this is not about in-your-face promotion. No one wants that thank you.

* CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS. Not everyone has the budget to put on a Defcon but lots of people are running interesting conferences. Now's your chance to grab some space to talk about your conference.

* UBER HACKERS. Have you done something really cool? Have something that you'd like to share with the community? You can have some space, too.


No one gets to camp out in any one spot. No clearly commercial interests (don't come to sell your security services or product suite). Only primaries -- don't send people who don't know what they're talking about or who can't answer questions or who are boring.

Even if your time slot gets renewed you have to shift around so that everyone gets a shot at the prime spot.

Sound interesting? Are you interested in getting a slot? Please let me know or email [email protected] and let us know what you have in mind, what you envision, and what you would have to offer visitors.

There will be no charge to you for any of this and we'll even do our best to promote the fact that you'll be there (within reason, of course).

And please share this post and let's see what we can create!

Bill Pollock
big fish