Serious Cryptography

Serious Cryptography
A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption
Jean-Philippe Aumasson
October 2017, 304 pp.

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Serious Cryptography is the much anticipated review of modern cryptography by cryptographer JP Aumasson. This is a book for readers who want to understand how cryptography works in today’s world. The book is suitable for a wide audience, yet is filled with mathematical concepts and meaty discussions of how the various cryptographic mechanisms work.

Chapters cover the notion of secure encryption, randomness, block ciphers and ciphers, hash functions and message authentication codes, public-key crypto including RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and elliptic curves, as well as TLS and post-quantum cryptography. Numerous code examples and real use cases throughout will help practitioners to understand the core concepts behind modern cryptography, as well as how to choose the best algorithm or protocol and ask the right questions of vendors.

Aumasson discusses core concepts like computational security and forward secrecy, as well as strengths and limitations of cryptographic functionalities related to authentication, integrity, or random number generation. Readers also learn how to avoid common mistakes with implementations, thanks to a section in every chapter that discuss what could go wrong, including horror stories and examples of failures in real applications.

Author Bio 

Jean-Philippe Aumasson is Principal Research Engineer at Kudelski Security, in Switzerland. He has authored over 40 research articles in the field of cryptography and cryptanalysis and designed the widely used hash functions BLAKE2 and SipHash. He regularly speaks at infosec conferences, and has presented at Black Hat, DEFCON, Troopers, and Syscan, among others.

Table of contents 

Chapter 1: Encryption (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 2: Randomness (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 3: Cryptographic Security (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 4: Block Ciphers (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 5: Stream Ciphers (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 6: Hash Functions (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 7: Keyed Hashing (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 8: Authenticated Encryption (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 9: Hard Problems (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 11: The Diffie-Hellman Protocol (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 12: Elliptic Curves (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 13: TLS
Chapter 14: Post-Quantum Cryptography