Upcoming Titles at a Glance

Python Playground
Mahesh Venkitachalam
October 2015
Junkyard Jam Band
David Erik Nelson
October 2015
Clojure for the Brave and True
Daniel Higginbotham
October 2015
Simon Monk
October 2015
The Official ScratchJr Book
Marina Umaschi Bers and Mitchel Resnick
October 2015
Python Crash Course
Eric Matthes
November 2015
The Manga Guide to Physiology
Etsuro Tanaka, Keiko Koyama, and Becom Co. Ltd.
November 2015
The Book of R
Tilman M. Davies
November 2015
Learn to Program with Minecraft
Craig Richardson
November 2015
The Arduino Project Handbook
Mark Geddes
November 2015
iOS Application Security
David Thiel
December 2015
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, 2nd Edition
Dave Taylor
December 2015
Game Hacking
Nick Cano
December 2015
2D Unity
Jeff W. Murray
December 2015
The Car Hacker's Handbook
Craig Smith
January 2016
Learn to Program with Small Basic
Majed Marji and Ed Price
January 2016
The SparkFun Guide to Arduino
Derek Runberg & Brian Huang
February 2016
Rootkits and Bootkits
Alex Matrosov, Eugene Rodionov, and Sergey Bratus
Spring 2016
Electronics for Kids
Øyvind Dahl
March 2016
The Manga Guide to Regression Analysis
Shin Takahashi, Iroha Inoue, and Trend-Pro Co., Ltd.