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Upcoming Titles at a Glance

Scratch Coding Cards
Scratch Coding Cards front
Scratch Coding Cards back
Natalie Rusk
November 2016
Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python
Al Sweigart
December 2016
Facebook for Seniors
Carrie, Chris, and Cheryl Ewin
December 2016
The Hardware Hacker
Andrew “bunnie” Huang
January 2017
Arduino Playground
Warren Andrews
February 2017
Coding iPhone Apps for Kids
Gloria Winquist and Matt McCarthy
February 2017
The Arduino Inventor's Guide
Derek Runberg & Brian Huang
March 2017
Make Your Own Video Games!
Anna Anthropy
March 2017
Gray Hat C#
Brandon Perry
March 2017
Practical Packet Analysis, 3rd Edition
Chris Sanders
March 2017
Rootkits and Bootkits
Alex Matrosov, Eugene Rodionov, and Sergey Bratus
Spring 2017
Computers for Seniors
Chris, Carrie, and Cheryl Ewin
April 2017
The Manga Guide to Microprocessors
Michio Shibuya
April 2017
The Game Console
Evan Amos
May 2017
Mark Geddes
May 2017
Attacking Network Protocols
James Forshaw
July 2017