Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic

The Adventures of Geo, Vol. 1
by Kanani K.M. Lee and Adam Wallenta

September 2014, 40 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-59327-549-5
Full Color
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"The perfect book for geology-loving comic book fans! Turns ordinary encounters into fantastical geologic adventures."
—Scientific American's Rosetta Stones blog (Read More)

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The Incredible Plate Tectonics ComicThe Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic
The Incredible Plate Tectonics ComicThe Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic

An Amazing, Earth-Shattering Adventure!

The Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic is a wild adventure in earth science. Follow Geo and his robot dog, Rocky, as they travel back in time to Pangea, surf a tsunami, and escape an erupting volcano—all in time for Geo’s first-period science test!

The journey starts 200 million years ago and takes you to modern-day Hawai’i, the ocean floor, and deep inside the Earth.

You’ll learn:

  • How scientists developed the theory of plate tectonics
  • Why the Earth shakes
  • What’s in the center of the Earth
  • How volcanoes can form islands

The Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic will teach you about geology in a fun, lively, and visual way.

Ages 8+
Recommended for grade 6 and up

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About the Author

Dr. Kanani K.M. Lee is an associate professor in the Department of Geology & Geophysics at Yale University. Adam Wallenta is an illustrator, colorist, and writer who has worked for companies such as Marvel Comics, DC Entertainment, and more. They live near New Haven, Connecticut, with their son.


"The visuals help readers better understand plate tectonics."

"Great drawings, great science, great story."

"I’ve seen first hand just how much kids eat up comics nowadays (which is awesome, by the way), but when they can tackle things other than literacy and social issues, I’m shocked and very impressed. Adorable. Love it."
—Jeff Hill,