My New iPhone

55 Simple Projects to Get You Started
by Wallace Wang

July 2009, 464 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-59327-195-4
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You finally did it—you bought the gizmo that everyone's talking about. Maybe you've already figured out how to play music or make phone calls, but then what?

How does the voicemail work? And that keyboard? What about all of those cool apps—which ones do you need, and how do you get them? You need a book like My New iPhone to make everything easy.

This simple, project-oriented book will have you using the best features of your iPhone or iPod Touch in no time. Rather than drag you through some boring manual, My New iPhone focuses on individual, fun projects, like configuring multiple email accounts, transferring your music, and syncing your computer with your iPhone.

Wallace Wang, author of the best-selling My New Mac, will show you, step-by-step, how to:

  • View weather predictions, traffic patterns, flight information, and stocks
  • Take notes, text message your friends, and browse the web
  • Customize your iPhone by rearranging icons and changing its wallpaper and sound effects
  • Find and install the best new applications and games
  • Browse iTunes, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos
  • Use Skype to call your family for free
  • Create your own ringtones and get free podcasts and audiobooks

Sure, your iPhone makes calls, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Find out what lies below the surface with My New iPhone.

About the Author

Wallace Wang is the author of several best-selling computer books, including My New Mac, My New iPhone, and Steal This Computer Book (all No Starch Press). He is also a successful standup comic who has appeared on A&E's "Evening at the Improv" and appears regularly at the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Table of Contents

PART I: Getting Started
1. Turning Your iPhone On and Off
2. Charging and Conserving Battery Power
3. Controlling the User Interface
4. Typing on the Virtual Keyboard
5. Searching Your iPhone

PART II: Modifying Your iPhone
6. Rearranging Icons on the Home Screen
7. Customizing Your iPhone
8. Updating Your iPhone
9. Changing Your iPhone's Language
10. Resetting and Troubleshooting
11. Installing and Uninstalling Applications
12. Synchronizing Data Between Your Computer and Your iPhone

PART III: Making Phone Calls
13. Making Calls
14. Answering Calls
15. Making Conference Calls and Other Stuff to do While Talking on Your iPhone
16. Sending and Receiving Text Messages
17. Reviewing Your Bill and Other Information
18. Creating Ringtones

PART IV: Enjoying Music, Pictures, and Movies
19. Listening to Music
20. Listening to Groups of Songs
21. Customizing Your iPod Settings
22. Turning Your iPhone into a Radio
23. Watching YouTube Videos
24. Watching TV Shows and Movies
25. Listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts
26. Browsing the iTunes Store

PART V: Browsing the Internet
27. Viewing Web Pages
28. Bookmarking Your Favorite Websites
29. Personalizing the Safari Browser
30. Copying and Pasting Text from a Web Page
31. Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network

PART VI: Using Email
32. Setting Up an Email Account
33. Reading Email
34. Writing and Sending Email

PART VII: Business Stuff
35. Taking Notes
36. Recording Voice Memos
37. Storing Contact Information
38. Keeping Track of Appointments
39. Viewing Maps
40. Finding a Location and Getting Directions

PART VIII: Fun Stuff
41. Taking Pictures
42. Viewing Stored Pictures
43. Checking the Weather Forecast
44. Watching the Stock Market
45. Using Your iPhone as a Clock, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, and Timer

PART IX: Safety and Privacy
46. Protecting Your iPhone with a Passcode
47. Making an iPhone Kid-Friendly

PART X: Cool Things You Can Do with Apps
48. Keeping Up with the News
49. Storing Reference Material
50. Traveling with Your iPhone
51. Playing Games
52. Communicating for Free

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"Packed with delicious tricks and tips for newbies and even experienced users with any generation of iPhone or iPod touch."
—Touchtip (Read More)

"Practical projects, convenient projects, and just plain fun projects are all discussed and outlined for readers to better understand what the device can truly do. A must for the iPhone novice, My New iPhone is the perfect gift for those trying to catch up with the technologically driven pack."
—The Midwest Book Review (Read More)

"The approach to this book is really quite brilliant."
—iPhone J.D. (Read More)

"It is an easy read, and the table of contents enables you to get right to the projects that you want to work on and skip those that you may already be familiar."
—Consumer Electronics Net (Read More)