Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use
by Michael Stutz

August 2004, 824 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-59327-031-5

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". . . by far the most entertaining Unix book I've ever read, and the only one I could recommend without reservations to people who already have basic Unix skills."
—Jeff Covey,

"If you plan on running any distribution of Linux, this book needs to be on your desk."
—E. Jonathan Hardy,

Download Chapter 11, Grammar and Reference

The Linux Cookbook is encyclopedic in scope, but quick and easy to reference. No matter what your field or specialty, if you want to get the most out of Linux, you'll find its advice indispensable—from the basics that "every Linux user knows" to undocumented expert tricks.

This greatly expanded and revised edition includes support for all major Linux distributions, coverage of file conversion and advanced text manipulation, Emacs and Vi text editing, multimedia, Ogg Vorbis and MP3 audio, and hundreds of other improvements.

The Linux Cookbook is easy to flip through and fun to use. After reading a few pages to solve a problem, you'll realize that there are a lot of other things you could be doing with Linux—and that's the point!

Here's just some of what you'll find in the over 1,300 recipes in The Linux Cookbook. How to:

  • Display, view, print, edit, and search text
  • Go online, fax, email, chat, use the web effectively, read and post to newsgroups
  • Produce professional-quality typeset documents; create posters and large banners; edit and transform images
  • Increase productivity with calendars, timers, and appointment and contact managers; schedule commands to run while you are away
  • Play and record CDs; make your own high-quality audio recordings; apply audio effects
  • Use DOS, Windows, and Macintosh disks; mount Windows and NT filesystems
  • Set up hardware, manage software, and learn the basics of system administration

About the Author

Michael Stutz has used Linux exclusively for over a decade. He was the first to apply the "open source" methodology of Linux to non-software works, and was one of the first reporters to cover Linux and the free software movement in the mainstream press. His "Living Linux" column runs on the O'Reilly Network. His website is available here.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What Every Linux User Knows
Chapter 3: The Shell
Chapter 4: The X Window System


Chapter 5: Files and Directories
Chapter 6: Sharing Files
Chapter 7: Finding Files
Chapter 8: Managing Files


Chapter 9: Viewing Text
Chapter 10: Text Editing
Chapter 11: Grammar and Reference
Chapter 12: Analyzing Text
Chapter 13: Formatting Text
Chapter 14: Searching Text
Chapter 15: Typesetting and Word Processing
Chapter 16: Fonts


Chapter 17: Viewing Images
Chapter 18: Editing Images
Chapter 19: Importing Images
Chapter 20: Postscript


Chapter 21: Playing and Recording Sound
Chapter 22: Audio Compact Discs
Chapter 23: Editing Sound Files


Chapter 24: Disk Storage
Chapter 25: Printing
Chapter 26: Cross-Platform Conversions
Chapter 27: Reminders
Chapter 28: Scheduling
Chapter 29: Mathematics
Chapter 30: Fun and Amusements


Chapter 31: Communications
Chapter 32: Email
Chapter 33: The World Wide Web
Chapter 34: Other Internet Services


Appendix A: Administrative Issues
Appendix B: Conventional File Name Extensions
Appendix C: Setting Up Your Home Directory
Appendix D: References for Further Interest



“A fact-filled book that's well composed and easy to reference. No
matter which version of Linux is running on your computer, you should
have a copy of the Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition close at hand.”
--Lockergnome, July 4, 2005 (Full review)

Michael Stutz appears on daily radio show for the second time during Open Source segment
--Computer Outlook, March 15, 2005 (Hear interview)

"Succeeds in providing a handy reference for those who still are exploring Linux or who have difficulty remembering the correct command-line options for a specific command."
--Linux Journal, March 3, 2005 (Full review)

Highly recommended for all levels: "One can hope for more editions in the future."
--CHOICE Reviews, March 2005 (Full review)

Highly recommended: "If libraries have the first edition, do they need to replace it with this one? Yes."
--CHOICE, March 2005 (Full review)

The Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition featured in "Product News" section
--IBN e-Server Magazine, March 2005 (Read more)

"This is a great book and one you'll dip into often. Packed with information, it will see extensive use and should inspire those wondering what to do with their first Linux system."
--Computer Shopper (UK), March 2005 (Full review)

Live radio interview with Michael Stutz
--Computer Outlook, KLAV Radio, Feb. 15, 2005 (Hear interview)

Michael Stutz is interviewed
--The Linux Link Tech Show, Feb. 9, 2005 (Hear interview)

4/5 Rating: "Definitely useful"
--DominoPower, "Four Linux books that'll get you going, "February 2005 (Full review)

"...plenty of good information"
--UNIX Review, February 2005 (Full review)

"Not a bad one to pick up for the library. I don't know how long it would stay on the shelves before getting, er, permanently borrowed..."
--The Linux Librarian, Jan. 22, 2005 (Full review)

"A very interesting interview with Michael Stutz, author of the new Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition, on the language of the Linux command line, cookbooks, economics, and what applications you absolutely need Windows for."
--Slashdot, Jan. 22, 2005 (Read interview)

"In the kitchen of a Linux master chef"
--Newsforge, Jan. 19, 2005 (Full review)

"Michael Stutz's acclaimed Linux Cookbook now appears in its updated second edition, packing in tips and techniques for everyday applications."
--LinuxWorld, "Book Rookery" section, January 2005 (Full review)

"If you have used Linux awhile, you will appreciate these chapters the most, but still refer to the book often to find at your fingertips just the instructions you need to advance your Linux skills."
--Hosting Resolve (Full review)

Sample chapter from The Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition posted
--Open IT World (Read chapter)

Q&A session with author Michael Stutz
--LinuxWorld, December 2004 (Read more)

"Stutz, one of the first reporters to cover Linux and the free software movement in the mainstream press, builds on the some 1,500 'recipes' offered in the last iteration."
--Book News, December 2004 (Full review)

"Definitely to be kept close at hand if you're not a Linux wizard"
--Network World, Nov. 29, 2004 (Read article)

Excerpt from The Linux Cookbook posted, Nov. 23, 2004 (Read excerpt)

"For both the novice and experienced Linux user one of the challenges is in maximizing the many tools that come with it."
--Security-Forums, 8/10 score (Full review)

"Stutz's Linux Cookbook has waxed since 2000, when the first edition appeared. It's doubled in size from 402 to over 800 pages. But there's a lot more useful stuff here. Well worth getting."
--;login: December 2004

"The Linux Cookbook is yet another good title from No Starch that deserves space on just about any Linux desktop user's shelf."
--Linux World editor Steve Suehring's Web Notebook

"Unlike the first edition, this covers a lot more basic material. Don't let that turn you off if you have outgrown the beginner books - unless you are expert at everything, you'll find helpful material here. There are pointers to esoteric utilities you probably have never heard of mixed in with the "getting started" stuff."
--A.P. Lawrence,, October 2004



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