Cult of iPod

by Leander Kahney

November 2005, 160 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-59327-066-7


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In this follow-up to his bestselling The Cult of Mac, Wired News editor Leander Kahney looks at how Apple's distinctively stylish portable player is changing the way we store, carry, and use all kinds of information—and the way we interact with each other. The Cult of iPod includes the exclusive back story of the iPod’s development and investigates the quirkier aspects of iPod culture, such as iPod-jacking (strangers plugging into each other’s iPods to discover new music), as well as the growing legions of MP3Js (regular folks who use their iPods to become DJs). 4-color throughout.

About the Author

Leander Kahney is an editor at Wired News, where his Cult of Mac blog is a reader favorite. Previously, Kahney covered Apple and the Mac community for Wired News. He treats his subjects with insight and humor and his experiences interacting with Mac fanatics and attending Mac events around the world are highly entertaining. Kahney's work introduces an element of warmth not usually associated with technology reporting. Kahney also authored The Cult of Mac

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: iPods for All
Chapter 2: New Listening Habits
Chapter 3: A Star is Born: The Making of the iPod
Chapter 4: Spreading the Word of iPod: Runaway Word-of-Mouth
Chapter 5: iPod, uPod, Everybody Pod
Chapter 6: Inspiring the Imagination
Chapter 7: Spend, Spend, Spend (on iPod Accessories)
Chapter 8: I Want to Hold Your Handheld: Cultural Impact

About the Author



"A cleverly designed, attractive book . . . recommended for public libraries and universities with programs in popular culture."
Technology Electronic Reviews, December 2006 (Read more)

Book cited in article on iPod obsession
Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer, December 5, 2006 (Read more)

"Mr. Kahney's writing reflects a genuine warmth and love for the iPod, as his writing style is both informative and enthusiastic . . . This book is a designer's delight . . . Once you get going, it's hard to put down."
Northwest Apple Pickers (Read more)

Leander Kahney quoted in article about iPod etiquette
Arizona Daily Star, June 3, 2006 (Read more)

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Leander Kahney quoted in article about iPod etiquette
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Wisconsin Public Radio, May 25, 2006 (Download and listen)

Leander Kahney quoted in Brazilian magazine
Nucleo (Read more)

Leander Kahney quoted in article about iPod etiquette
The South Bend Tribune, May 8, 2006 (Read more)

"Visually stunning . . . Kahney's writing style transmits the ecstasy that accompanies the phenomenon."
University of Waterloo (Canada) (Read more)

Leander Kahney quoted in article about booming iPod business
Nebraska Journal Star, April 30, 2006 (Read more)

Leander Kahney quoted in look back at Apple’s 30 years
CNET, March 29, 2006 (Read more)

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Teen Tech Buzz, March 24, 2006 (Download and listen)

Book named winner of annual design contest
STEP inside design, March/April 2006 (Read more)

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San Francisco Chronicle, March 26, 2006 (Read more) and Mercury News, March 26, 2006 (Read more)

Leander Kahney quoted in article about iPod etiquette
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, March 24, 2006 (Read more)

News about STEP inside design award for book: "Way to go Derek Yee, Leander Kahney and No Starch Press!"
800CEORead, March 23, 2006 (Read more)

"The wide variety of material will keep you turning the pages until you reach the end . . . Then you'll flip back and go through it again, since you cannot possible absorb it all in one sitting . . . the depth is enough to keep your interest long after you've forgotten the latest thriller novel."
The Jem Report, March 22, 2006 (Read more)

Included in roundup of "Books on the latest hardware and software programs for technology directors and IT staff"
District Administration, March 2006 (Read more)

"Leaves no stone unturned, as it uses an abundance of witty repartee to take readers on a tour of everything iPod with gorgeous four-color photos, stylish layout, and design."
AVN Online, March 2006 (Read more)

Leander Kahney interviewed on long-running Mac show, talked Apple's move to Intel chips
MacNightOwl, March 16, 2006 (Download and listen)

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Gadget Lounge, March 9, 2006 (Read more)

Interview with Leander Kahney. From the intro: "Everything a great book should be . . . It excites as it educates and encourages one to think about the ripple effect of this little device."
Computing Canada, March 3, 2006 (Read more)

"Quirky illustrations and comments on and by iPod devotees reinforce his
observation that the little white box is revolutionizing how we listen
to music."
Book News, February 2006 (Read more)

Leander Kahney discusses iPod marketing techniques for Canadian TV
business series.
“Venture,” Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC), January 29, 2006 (Read more)

Leander Kahney interviewed on popular NPR show, broadcast nationwide;
available as a podcast.
TechNation, January 31, 2006 (Download and listen)

“Artwork, ads, and iPod addicts in action provide an entertaining visual
perspective in this timely follow-up to last year’s The Cult of Mac by
the same author.”
Dynamic Graphics, February/March 2006 (Read more)

“It’s an eye-opening look at how the iPod itself has changed the nature
of music.”
Midwest Book Review, January 2006 (Read more)

“Technology guru Leander Kahney attempts to capture the sociological
impact of Apple's cash cow.” Includes photo of Leander’s kids at Macworld.
Nashua Telegraph, January 26, 2006 (Read more)

“These nuggets make this book ripe for a time capsule, just so future
generations can understand what came over us.”
Harp Magazine, January/February 2006 (Read more)

“A veritable feast for the eyes.”
AppleLinks, January 27, 2006(Read more)

“Good coffee table reading . . . beautiful layout.”
About This Particular Mac, February 2006 Read more

"60 Second Review" of book (download available for Quicktime only)
The Digital Dispatch, January 8, 2006 (View here)

Article on Mac fanatics discusses Leander's books and presence at Macworld Expo: "To promote his latest book on the iPod, his wife, Tracy Dauphin, dressed their four children -- ages 9, 8, 7 and 5 -- as a billboard, an original iPod, an iPod mini and an iPod shuffle. The kids have spent the past couple of days passing out leaflets on the book at Macworld."
San Francisco Chronicle, January 12, 2006 (Read more)

Photos of Leander Kahney's kids dressed as iPods at Macworld Expo
San Francisco Chronicle, January 11, 2006 (View them here and here)

Photos of the iPod kids: "These are Leander Kahney's boys. Leander is the author of The Cult of Mac. His sons were here to promote the follow-up, Cult of iPod. What we still can't figure out is why they're out of school on a weekday."
Gizmodo, January 10, 2006 (Read more)

Both The Cult of iPod and The Cult of Mac, as well as Leander Kahney's blog and No Starch Press, were featured as "hot stuff" in this week's episode of online show (segment starts 16 minutes in)
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Leander Kahney discussed his book on science radio show
Berkeley Groks, KALX 91.7 FM, January 11, 2006 (Read more)

"This book is not so much about the iPod but about the people who buy, use and abuse these devices. Leander Kahney may well be on track to repeat [his] first success."
TechNewsWorld, December 27, 2005 (Read more)

Various "prominent Mac users" share the specs of their computer and gadget setups
MacDevCenter, December 28, 2005 (Read more)

"Above all, this book is not so much about the iPod but about the people who buy, use and abuse these devices. Leander Kahney may well be on track to repeat that first success."
E-Commerce Times, December 27, 2005 (Read more)

Extensive book excerpt published in special iPod issue
MacWorld Plus UK (Read more)

"This is an engaging book, and you’ll relish the gorgeous graphics and entertaining prose within."
MacCompanion, January 2006 (Read more)

Included in online and print gift guide
CyberBuzz, December 8, 2005 (Read more)

"As much a treat for the reader's eyes as Apple's best-selling music player is for the ears of its 30 million users."
Business in Vancouver, December 13, 2005 (Read more)

"Stylishly designed and well laid out, with a striking cover image and great four-colour photos, if you're stuck for ideas for Christmas presents for an iPod-owning loved one, Kahney's The Cult of the iPod may well be the answer."
Creative Match UK, December 12, 2005 (Read more)

"Definitely worth some shelfspace."
iPodHacks, December 12, 2005 (Read more)

"This author has an incredible knack for finding the really obsessed users."
SpyMac, December 12, 2005 (Read more)

"Although I initially intended to skim through the book, I ended up reading this book cover to cover in a single sitting as it was so interesting, informative and entertaining." Focus on Macs, December 17, 2005 (Read more)

Review + Q&A with Leander Kahney: "It's a wonderful book that will appeal to iPod users everywhere, but Mac-users, with their eye for graphic design and sophisticated page layout will just adore the format of the book."
MyMac, December 20, 2005 (Read more)

10 out of 10 rating: "This book is priceless. Even if someone you know has no interest in ever obtaining an iPod, they'll love this book. Curl up in your favorite chair, make a steeping hot cup of tea, put in your buds, hit shuffle and then relax for a wonderful read."
Macsimum News, November 23, 2005 (Read more)

"Leander Kahney offers a book to use like an iPod. Readers can joyfully skim the contents, as if set on random, to snack on the eye-catching imagery of everything iPod. Or you can select a playlist, like the chapter on the making of the iPod, for deeper insight into the creative process at Apple Computer Inc."
Chicago Tribune, November 26, 2005 (Read more)
Also picked up by The Macon (Ga.) Telegraph, December 2, 2005 (Read more)

Included in holiday gift guide in iPod Nation section; book is pictured both on magazine cover and inside
HDTV, December/January 2006 (Read more)

Book excerpt posted
MStation, December 2005 (Read more)

Leander Kahney interviewed about iPod accessories market for local NBC affiliate's tech show
KNTV, December 3, 2005 (Read more)

Highly recommended: "There's a lot going on and it's fun and interesting to read about and see.
Tech Ronin, November 20, 2005 (Read more)

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Plug for upcoming Washington Post chat
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"We talk exclusively to the Cult of iPod author, Leander Kahney, about his new book and the iPod phenomena."

Book excerpt included
MacFormat UK, November 2005 (Read more)

"A superb celebration of Apple's iPod and its impact on our listening habits, on the music industry, and on our culture."
Mac iLife, November 22, 2005 (Read more)

Blog of Business 2.0 writer: "Leander Kahney who first impressed with The Cult of Mac, has now released The Cult of iPod."
Om Malik's blog, November 20, 2005 (Read more)

The Cult of iPod is the book pick of the month
EveryMac, November 2005 (Read more)

"A beautifully published and well-written book about the cultural phenomenon known as iPod."
ConsumerElectronicsNet, November 4, 2005 (Read more)

"If you would rather give up your car or girlfriend rather than your beloved iPod, then The Cult of iPod is right up your alley."
Uncrate, November 9, 2005 (Read more)

Rating: Excellent

"Really opened my eyes to minutiae of all things iPod."
Alaskan Apple Users Group (AAUG), November 21, 2005 (Read more)

Sidebar to story on iPod playlists recommends book for music fans
Arizona Daily Star, November 17, 2005 (Read more)

"Cult of iPod" article by Leander Kahney with excerpt
Playlist Magazine, November 2, 2005 (Read more)

Featured among new iPod gear: "A comprehensive look at how iPod is affecting and influencing music, culture and listening behaviour."
New Zealand Macguide, November/December 2005 (Read more)

"The book exudes quality from start to finish... Besides its gorgeous design, the principal strength of the book is Kahney’s precise way of describing the iPod phenomenon and putting it into context, as well as his impressions of the experience of using the iPod itself."
CreativeMac, November 4, 2005 (Read more)

Article entitled, "What Does Your iPod Say About You?" mentions book and Leander Kahney, "If you want to get the most from your music and avoid the unwelcome attentions of the playlist snobs, it might be an idea to get to grips with this latest cult."
CreativeMatch UK, November 7, 2005 (Read more)

"Leander Kahney, the author of the new The Cult of iPod from No Starch Press, discusses the impact of Apple's portable music player (now video player) and how it has changed the music industry, the music culture and how music is consumed."
MacVoices, podcast on November 8, 2005 (Read more)

"The book is a bit of an anthropologic study of all that is the cultish iPod community and includes a bit of history on the iPod’s development."
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), November 3, 2005 (Read more)

Transcript from online discussion with Leander Kahney as guest
Washington Post, November 4, 2005 (Read more)

Podcast includes interview with Leander Kahney: "You'll learn that being a part of this fast-growing group of music enthusiasts doesn't require a secret hand shake."
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Leander Kahney discusses "whether the cult mentality surrounding Apple products far outstrips the company's real qualities and market success" for nationally syndicated NPR radio show
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Leander Kahney interviewed for Canadian Broadcasting Co. (CBC) radio show segment about emotional response to the iPod
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"iPod culture gets a book."
MacWorld UK, September 30, 2005 (Read more)