Building a Server with FreeBSD 7

A Modular Approach
by Bryan J. Hong

April 2008, 288 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-59327-145-9

Download Chapter 3: Apache HTTP Server

The most difficult part of building a server with FreeBSD, the Unix-like operating system, is arguably software installation and configuration. Finding the software is easy enough; getting everything up and running is another thing entirely. The only option for many people has been to hire a consultant.

Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 is for those of us who prefer to build our own server. If you're a small business owner looking for a reliable email server, a curious Windows administrator, or if you just want to put that old computer in the closet to work, you'll learn how to get things up and running quickly. Then, once you have a working system, you can experiment, extend, and customize as you please.

You'll learn how to install FreeBSD, then how to install popular server applications with the ports collection. Each package is treated as an independent module, so you can dip into the book at any point to install just the packages you need, when you need them. The book’s modules cover topics like:

  • Running common FreeBSD admin commands and tasks
  • Managing the FreeBSD ports collection
  • Installing third-party apps like Apache, Courier-IMAP, SpamAssassin, CUPS, Cyrus SASL, MediaWiki, and WordPress
  • Setting up MySQL, NTP, ISC DHCP, ISC BIND DNS, PHP, OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, and OpenVPN

Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 will have you up and running fast, with minimum hassle. (Just be sure to send the money you save to the Unemployed Consultant Foundation.)

About the Author

Bryan Hong graduated with an aeronautical science degree and spent part of his career flying jets for a regional carrier in the eastern U.S. Since he was traveling constantly, he sought a way to centrally host a personal website, retrieve email, and access files when away from home. His research and experience installing FreeBSD led to the writing of this book.

Table of Contents

1: FreeBSD 7.0
2: FreeBSD Ports Collection

3: Apache HTTP Server
4: Courier-Authlib
5: Courier-IMAP Server
6: CUPS Print Server
7: Cyrus SASL
8: DDClient
9: Drupal
10: ISC BIND DNS Server
11: ISC DHCP Server
12: Lynx
13: MediaWiki
14: MySQL Server
15: NTP Server
16: OpenLDAP Server
17: OpenSSH Server
18: OpenSSL
19: OpenVPN Server
20: PHP
21: phpBB
22: phpLDAPadmin
23: phpMyAdmin
24: Postfix SMTP Server
25: Procmail
26: Pure-FTPd Server
27: Samba
28: SpamAssassin
29: SquirrelMail
30: WordPress
Appendix A: Commands
Appendix B: Backup and Restore
Appendix C: Managing User Accounts
Appendix D: The Protocols

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"I think those with beginning to intermediate FreeBSD system administration experience will really like this book."
—Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity (Read More)

"[T]his will turn out to be a well-thumbed reference work for anyone deploying FreeBSD servers. Admittedly, in the past, I’ve attempted to install FreeBSD with limited success, but this book made the steps in configuring a running system clear and concise. Other cookbook-type books for GNU/Linux exist, but none are as detailed and well laid out as this one."
—Ken Leyba, Free Software Magazine (Read More)

Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 "is a complete and comprehensive guide to building a web server with the free operating system known as FreeBSD. A step by step guide sure to educate even the most clueless technophobes, "Building a Server with FreeBSD7" covers simply everything that anyone needs to know to get the service up and running. An essential read for any open source fan who needs a server."
—Midwest Book Review

Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 "has a very clear set of instructions for installing each component you will need to create a complete web server."
—Office Cafe Blog (Read More)

"I just love this book. Refreshing concept, clean, straight to the point, and very very lean. In it you won't find any desktop related topics; this is an 100% server oriented book...I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone wanting to build a server with FreeBSD."
—Linux/BSD: Sharing Experiences (Read More)

"If building your own system using FreeBSD 7 meets any of your goals, then check out this book."
—Linux Magazine (Read More)

"Those of us with a need or desire to setup an Internet server are left with two options:

  • Hire an expensive consultant or
  • Undertake the task ourselves

This book provides a means to the latter. The most difficult aspect of building an Internet server is the initial software installation and configuration. This book was designed to tackle this problem systematically and minimize time spent."
—All That U Wanted Blog (Read More)

"I've been in the IT business for 15 years and this book, with its 256 pages, just blew me away with its practical, useful, yet concise chapters on how to turn a computer running FreeBSD 7 into a fully-functional server."
—G. Ewasiuk, No Starch Reader



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