Blender Scripting with Python

Blender Scripting with Python
Isabel Lupiani
August 2018, 440 pp.
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Blender Scripting with Python will teach you how to develop custom scripts and helpful add-ons to streamline and automate your workflow, as well as tricks on how to procedurally generate game level and character geometry. Once you’ve reviewed the Blender API and learned how to load and run scripts in Blender, you’ll learn how to automate tasks related to virtual reality, mesh modeling, sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, texture painting, rigging, animation, rendering, map baking, lighting, and more. You’ll also learn to create impressive demos of your add-ons and automation projects and how to package them for distribution.

Packed with hands-on examples, code samples, and tips for future experimentation, Blender Scripting with Python is an all-in-one reference guide for the Blender user interested in taking control of Blender.

Author Bio 

Isabel Lupiani is a graduate student and researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology, working on computer vision, graphics 3D modeling, and virtual reality. She has worked as a professional game AI and game play programmer at several game studios.