Automate the Minecraft Stuff

Automate the Minecraft Stuff
Mine, Farm, and Build with Code
Al Sweigart
April 2018, 232 pp.

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Automate the Minecraft Stuff will transform Minecraft from a mere video game into an educational programming tool. Using ComputerCraft, a free Minecraft mod, and the Lua programming language (used by professional game developers), you’ll write programs to make your bots dig mines, chop wood, craft items, and build anything you can imagine. Sit back, relax, and make your turtle army do the work! The book provides the full code needed to write each program and walks you through it line by line, explaining how things work along the way. By book’s end, you’ll have a handle on computer science basics, a taste of how fun and powerful coding can be, and plenty of turtle robots at your command.

Author Bio 

Al Sweigart is a professional software developer who teaches programming to kids and adults. Sweigart has written several programming books for beginners, including Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, Scratch Programming Playground, and Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python (No Starch Press), and has developed a large following with his online tutorials.

Table of contents 

Chapter 1: Installing Minecraft and Computercraft
Chapter 2: Lua Programming Basics (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 3: Talking to Your Turtle(AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 4: Programming Turtles to Dance
Chapter 5: Making a Better Dancer (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 6: Programming a Robolumberjack (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 7: Creating Modules to Reuse Your Code (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 8: Running an Automated Tree Farm (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 9: Building a Cobblestone Generator (AVAILABLE NOW)
Chapter 10: Making a Stone Brick Factory
Chapter 11: Constructing Walls
Chapter 12: Constructing Rooms
Chapter 13: Constructing Floors
Chapter 14: Programming Farm Bots
Chapter 15: Programming a Staircase Miner
Appendix A: Function Reference
Appendix B: Block Reference