Cars! Crawlers! Tanks! Contraptions and gizmos of every stripe. The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Vol. 2 is designed to inspire you.

With hundreds of full color photos of the author's elegant but clever contraptions, The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Vol. 1 is designed to inspire you.

Unleash your imagination with The LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 3. Learn to build a Renaissance house, classic movie theater, sushi, and more!

Medieval LEGO is the fun way to learn about medieval history.

Beautiful LEGO 3: Wild! showcases amazing nature-inspired LEGO masterpieces from artists around the world.

The LEGO Architect explores the world of architecture using the LEGO brick.

The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling showcases a variety of amazingly realistic, large-scale LEGO vehicles.

Game Art is a tour through the artistic side of video games, with interviews on the creative process from a variety of developers in the game industry.

How Software Works explains everyday software to the non-programmer.

The SparkFun Guide to Processing is a hands-on introduction to Processing for non-coders.

The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy teaches you how to protect yourself online.

Doing Math with Python teaches you how to use Python as a tool to explore mathematics.

The Book of GNS3 teaches you to use GNS3 to simulate network connections and troubleshoot potential problems, all using a single computer.

Teach Your Kids to Code is a parent and teacher's guide to teaching basic programming and problem-solving skills.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python teaches simple programming skills to automate everyday computer tasks.

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The Official ScratchJr Book is an easy-to-use, interactive hands-on guide for parents and teachers, written by the creators of ScratchJr.

The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is full of real DIY projects that defend against zombies, using simple circuits, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
Now Available in Early Access

Clojure for the Brave and True is an epic introduction to functional programming with Clojure. Now available in Early Access

Junkyard Jam Band is a collection of DIY musical instruments made from everyday materials, for any lover of music making or crafts. Now available in Early Access

Python Playground is a collection of fun programming projects that will level up your Python skills.
Now Available in
Early Access

Learn to Program with Minecraft is a kid-friendly introduction to customizing Minecraft with Python programming.

The Book of R is an interactive introduction to the essentials of R programming and statistics.

The Manga Guide to Physiology is your charming cartoon guide to the science of the human body. Now available in Early Access

Python Crash Course is a quick, no-nonsense guide to programming in Python.
Now Available in
Early Access

Game Hacking shows programmers how to dissect computer games and create bots.

iOS Application Security covers everything you need to know to design secure iOS apps from the ground up.
Now Available in
Early Access

Rootkits and Bootkits shows you how to analyze, identify, and defend against rootkits and bootkits. Now available in Early Access

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