Unofficial Technic Builder's Guide Resources

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Calculators and Utilities

Gear ratio calculator and gear coupling tool
Downloadable gear ratio calculator and gear coupling tool
Sariel's scaling tool
Pneumatic engine performance calculator
Winch and pulley performance calculator

Parts Lists, Datasheets and Databases

Unofficial LEGO set guide and database
Dynamic site for comparing parts between LEGO sets
Bricklink catalog
Technicopedia by Eric Albrecht
LEGO motors datasheet
Visual LEGO wheel helper (list of rims with matching tires)
Unofficial LEGO color guide

MOC Galleries



Official LEGO Technic designers’ blog
World’s #1 unofficial LEGO Technic blog
World’s #1 unofficial LEGO blog
Poland’s #1 unofficial LEGO blog (available in English)


Official LEGO on-line shop
World’s #1 unofficial LEGO marketplace
LEGO on eBay

Miscellaneous Resources

Mechanisms explained with animations
How Stuff Works
Blueprints archive
Studless geometry by example
High-resolution photos of vehicles by make

Community and LEGO User Group Websites

Eurobricks (international):
LUGNET (international):
BeLUG (Belgian):
LUG Brasil (Brazilian):
Brickish Association (British):
VicLUG (Canadian):
Kostky (Czech):
Byggenpladen (Danish):
de Bouwsteen (Dutch):
LowLUG (Dutch):
FreeLUG (French):
SeTechnic (French):
1000steine (German):
ItLUG (Italian):
LUGPol (Polish):
PLUG (Portuguese):
DoubleBrick (Russian):
BayLUG (US):