Book of F#

The Book of F# teaches you to unlock the many strengths of F# to create smarter, leaner code.

Learn to Program with Scratch

Discover a step-by-step introduction to computer science as you create fun games, build science simulations, and more in Learn to Program with Scratch.

Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript

Do more with less. The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript helps you use this powerful language to its full potential.

Perl One-Liners

Perl One-Liners showcases 130 short and compelling lines of code that do all sorts of handy, geeky things.

LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 2

Learn to build sleek spaceships, fire-breathing dragons, and much more with The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 2!

Ruby Under a Microscope

Ruby Under a Microscope gives developers an inside, hands-on look at Ruby's core, using simple diagrams coupled with clear explanations.

LEGO Space

Spaceships, orbital outposts, and new worlds come to life in LEGO Space. Come explore an incredible LEGO universe!

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Penetration Testing

In Penetration Testing, security researcher Georgia Weidman provides a survey of important skills that any aspiring pentester needs. Now available as Early Access


The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book is a complete beginner's guide to the EV3 kit.

Art of LEGO Design

The Art of LEGO® Design explores LEGO as an artistic medium, with a wide-ranging collection of creative techniques to help you craft your own amazing models.

Book of GNS3

The Book of GNS3 teaches you to use GNS3 to simulate network connections and troubleshoot potential problems, all using a single computer.

The LEGO Neighborhood Book

The LEGO Neighborhood Book is your guide to creating incredible LEGO buildings and cities.

JavaScript for Kids

JavaScript for Kids is a lighthearted introduction to the JavaScript language and programming in general.

Android Security Internals

Android Security Internals gives you a complete understanding of the security internals of Android devices. Now available as Early Access

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